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Thought I'd show you a USPTA tennis teacher's contract with a supplier, in this case HEAD racquets.  I can understand HEAD asking what it does since they give us free stuff, but I can't in good conscience exclusively "recommend" their product just because they give me two free sticks.  Two sticks and I sell my soul?  Worse than a politician.  Wonder why your USPTA "pro" recommends HEAD rax to you?  Can we say conflict of interest?

As a member of the HEAD/USPTA staff, I hereby understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.

_____ I will use HEAD racquets, accessories (including strings, grips, and bags), and court equipment exclusively in the course of all activities related to my sport including instruction, promotion, and tournaments.

_____ If I do not have an active shop at my facility, I will work closely with an account agreed upon with the HEAD/Penn DSM to refer all of my players to purchase HEAD equipment.

_____ Specific racquets and accessories that I use will be available at my affiliated retail account.

_____ I will be knowledgeable about the full line of HEAD racquets, accessories, and technologies so I can recommend the best products for my students.

_____ I will represent HEAD as an ambassador, and promote all product categories stated above to the best of my ability. I will ensure that the HEAD logo appears proudly stenciled on my racquet strings at all times.

And then boilerplate follows.